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sannwood 23rd July 2007 12:23 PM

How Negativity Can Affect Your Business Relationships
On a recent episode of The Small Business Trends Radio Show, our featured guest was Chris Curtis, Founder of Web Business Ownership, LLC. Her show was titled: 5 Steps To Getting Over Yourself.


Harboring the effects of negative experiences, thoughts, or feelings, can result in a damaged self-perception and affect the ways in which we treat others and ourselves. This negativity can become your reality and can affect your personal and business relationships and hinder your own success.
Even though many of us may not care to admit it, just about everyone suffers from a damaged self-perception in one way or another. Fear of non-acceptance and ridicule, embarrassment from some extra pounds or hairloss. . .each of us has something about us that we feel negative about. And isolating yourself in front of a computer all day really doesn't help matters.

In this episode, Chris shares many tips and insights into understanding - and dealing with - the negativity that many of us carry with us throughout life. Chris explains how, with some concentrated effort, we can all begin to rectify our self-esteem and build better business and personal relationships by doing so.

Her down to earth - honest - approach is refreshing and her insights are valuable. To listen to her interview, click the link above titled 5 Steps To Getting Over Yourself.

zoobie 23rd July 2007 07:40 PM

I had a good read. thanks for sharing this one! :)

stillwagon428 25th July 2007 09:28 AM

I completely agreed with your guest that negativity distracts from business work. I think someone with a good positive attitude can definitely be more productive than someone who is always down in the dumps.

EJMalyn 26th July 2007 09:01 PM

Would like to mention that "negativity" can also effect your health. Great interview!!!

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