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Paul E.Falcon 29th September 2016 06:25 AM

Need Expert Advice On Brochures Through Direct Mail
I am running a restaurant in Toronto. We are planning to advertise few of our services to our customers. We hope that providing the brochures will do the job. We were on a research for that. We indeed are planning to move forward with a direct mailing service. But right now we are confused and need someone’s guidance. If someone has any experience in using a direct mail service, please guide me this.

Two days before, one of my colleagues, told me that he is using one. He added that providing brochures will help to develop partnerships with the local businesses. He also suggested me to refer the advantages of the brochures <snip> . I would like to get some details about the letter shops too because we are planning to have a mailing campaign. Sharing your your valid opinions is always appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Paul E.Falcon 2nd October 2016 11:49 PM

These brochures are of troi mailing services, Toronto. Have anyone used these services?

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