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Williams Reus 5th October 2016 03:48 AM

Fastest Way To Generate Traffic?
Hi guys,
Which is the fastest way to generate lot of traffic for website? best sources for traffic are social networking sites or forums?

rnhaas 6th October 2016 10:21 AM

Social media isn't a great way to generate traffic unless you have content that will actually generate actual clicks rather than just likes or shares. Forums are much better if the forums are popular and relevant.
But you shouldn't have just one or two strategies. If you have the time and energy you should attempt to generate traffic through search as well (and, if you can afford it, there's always PPC). The best strategies for your site depend upon what your site is for.

urbansoft 11th October 2016 03:12 AM


Google adwords(ppc) advertising is fastest way to generate traffic for your website. If have good budget, please this way and share your opinion with us...

jeffscott 13th October 2016 03:22 AM

Aside from social networking sites and forums try to explore the web as well as find other possible mediums to expose your site are the best way to get traffic.

Sam JTB 17th October 2016 01:50 PM

You can also find similar blogs in your niche. Sometimes you can leave a comment at the end of each blog that will allow you to provide a link back to your website. But of course you want to offer a valuable comment, don't just spam your link.

Logan 18th October 2016 08:19 AM

Sam JTB, thank you for joining in with us and contributing.

I think the fastest way is ppc/adwords. If I have a budget to spend, I can't get any faster than that. SEO takes time, but may be the most effective. You won't get recurring traffic from posting in forums and blog commenting. With ppc and seo it can mean a stream of visitors every day. Depending on the popularity of the keyword that could be 20 visitors or 2000. SEO does take time, but worth the effort if done right because it is a fixed cost vs a variable cost associated with ppc over time. If looking for quick traffic, do your keyword research. Setup a ppc campaign with a budget, then get to work on SEO. Posting in blogs and forums can facilitate this - and the more popular the blog/forum then the better/quicker the results you will get. hth

Sam JTB 18th October 2016 10:50 AM

Thanks for the clarification Logan. I didn't realize blogs/forums were more of a long term traffic approach.

dannbarbery 23rd October 2016 07:45 AM

If you are just starting out I don't think there is a way to generate a huge amount of traffic for your website. You can try ppc but I doubt you will get targeted ones. It's better you work hard for it by providing regular content to your site, engage your business to social media sites, and go to sites where your market are usually gathered to get targeted traffic.

Vida Rinaldi 23rd October 2016 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by Williams Reus (Post 249127)
Hi guys,
Which is the fastest way to generate lot of traffic for website? best sources for traffic are social networking sites or forums?

Based on my close friends who has been engaged business. They are recommending the online digital marketing tools because these include social media, search, email marketing and content marketing.

janejane 4th November 2016 03:08 AM

I agree with Vida's reply. Also, I'd like to add that social media is really good for traffic.

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