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Linda 16th March 2005 12:16 PM

Networking Without The Work
This is an article by Eileen Parzek of SoHo It Goes. She talks about the subject of networking and her approach to it. Her approach could help because a lot of businesspeople are very uncomfortable "socializing" for business.

"Before you enter the networking fray, think about the types of relationships you would like to build for your business network. This could mean determining a type of person or industries that would be a natural fit with yours, or a source for referral business. Sometimes the best places to network are not obvious ? it might be a place where no one else does what you do, but many attendees know someone who needs what you do."

Catch it @

What do you think of Eileen's approach for networking? Have you done a lot of networking? What are pointers that have worked for you that you could share with forum members?

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