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Koolho 12th December 2017 04:49 AM

How To Generate Leads In Sales
I would like to know how to increase leads in Sales.

Logan 15th December 2017 06:44 AM

Hello, I think there are many common things you can do to improve sales but it does depend on your competition. I've found it helpful to go through each competitors website and compare features and services to my website. For example, how does price compare when someone finds my site in the search results vs others? How about shipping/delivery? Do others promote free shipping, and I don't? Do competitors have a 800/toll free number, and I don't?

One example, that comes to mind, is adding live chat to your website. Another, creating an email subscriber list that allows you to pursue leads and keep your business in mind with potential customers.

There are always way to improve. And when in doubt, test ... test ... test.

premiumclean 15th December 2017 08:52 AM

Hello! It all depends on what exactly do you want to achieve. There many different methods for more sales leads. You can use digital marketing or offline channels, depending on the main goals, micro and macro goals you have and the industry too.

Raisdar 16th December 2017 12:31 AM

The best method one shouldn't avoid at any cost in today's time is online marketing. Don't panic, i am not talking about spending huge budget on google advertising rather about local search engines. Local search engines have a huge user base visiting frequently to these sites in the hope of buying best products for their use. So, if you want more sales, get your business listed on them and you will see positive results in no time. Even if you are asked for a premium plan, go for it because that is relatively very low compared to Adwords. In addition, create an attractive Facebook page, choose your location you want to advertise. Thanks

brookee 26th January 2018 05:16 AM

It depends on your business type. Every business has different requirements. You should try both inbound and outbound marketing. It will create brand awareness of the business that ultimately brings you leads.

jamesbush 23rd October 2018 09:19 AM

Generating leads for a small business is not easy but it demands a lot of efforts and dedication. The best idea is using Salesforce sales cloud who would keep all customer details, analyze then deeply and deliver meaningful insights for the same. Once you have the complete details of your customers, this is easy to generate potential leads as needed for your business.

Galyna 23rd October 2018 09:40 AM

I agree with all replies above. In addition, I'd like to add that lead generation really depends on a type of business & a market competition. But it is clear to me that without clear digital marketing strategy generating leads will be very challenging.

Before start try to imagine how potential customers are searching for the info related to needs or issues your product/service can solve. What your competitors are doing to generate leads. And finaly, how your brand looks compared to competitors.

Also it is important to choose correct off- and on-line channels to reach potential customers. If it's a local brand or restaurant the best option would be Local SEO with a combination of online local ads and social media campaigns. If it's a B2B format - I'd suggest in any possible way to show your experience via trusted third-party sources.

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