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cmshop 28th November 2006 08:22 PM

Ideas To Start a Software Business
I posted a thread in computer software section. Now I realize that here is more appropriate. So I paste the post below:

I am a software developer and I am interested in developing computer games. I have been working in mobile game industry for almost one year, mostly J2ME games, in Northern California. Also I am learning developing PC games using Visual C# .NET and Java. And I am also interested in PHP/MySQL. I developed some php online store website using web services, and some web crawler programs. Now I would like to make a living by developing software myself, rather than working for others at other people's company, i.e., I would like to start my own (software) business. Also, I know Chinese language well, and I have some connections in China. Can you give me some ideas to start ? :-)

Logan 30th November 2006 01:23 PM

Sounds like you have some strong experiences under your belt.

Can you land any clients to develop games for initially to get you started? For example, and i don't know much about games, maybe you could offer online games to businesses for their website that can be customized. Not sure, but I know this site has arcade games incorporated and a few do use them.

Why not just start a business with low risk offering/promoting the services you described above. You can do this while working initially, build a base and see if it is for you ... then venture on your own without the securities of the man once you have established things a bit and have steady income.

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