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athleticfx 14th August 2009 11:03 AM

Paying For Search Engine Optimization
if you someone like me, who does not have a lot of knowledge about getting high search rankings, is it best to just pay someone to do this for you, and if so, are there any good companies that do a good job of it

smallbizmkter 14th August 2009 11:29 AM

I do this for clients so my answer might seem strange! If you have the time, you can certainly do this yourself.

You can learn a lot about SEO all over this forum and many other places on the web. I would start with some good onpage optimization. Then, concentrate on building links from other related sites back to your site. It does take time to do properly, but it pays off big-time in the end - Free organic traffic!

Like I say, it is not rocket science but takes time commitment. If you are looking for a company offering this service, check to see whether they rank highly themselves on the search engines, see if they give client examples that rank well and then, actually check them yourself.

ernest1918 14th August 2009 11:35 AM

I would try it out yourself first and see how much of a dent you make and then if it's not that big within a three month period and you still want more I would then consider hiring a SEO guy. You can increase traffic by posting in forums, writing blogs, submitting to directories the small one and the big ones like google, bing, yahoo, write articles like or can't think of anything else but that should be a good start it takes hard work and a lot of dedication

Michael Lake 16th August 2009 08:56 AM

I always recommend that small businesses spend the time doing SEO for themselves. You know your business and should know the phrases people are typing into the search engines to find you.

Think about your business. What niche can you promote yourself in? If nothing else, that's a great exercise for every business: more narrowly define what you offer. It's valuable even if you don't do it for SEO.

Think about links that would be great to have back to your site. Go to Yahoo and type into the search box the URL of your biggest competitor to get an idea of the links that they have. Type: "Links:"(your URL). Links will not only help your SEO but will help promote you within those sites.

Then write a blog and do the other things suggested. Go to Google and set up an account so you can use the Adwords keyword tool. Use it for post cares, ads and other promotions. It will also help you with some SEO keywords that help define you.

MRchamps 20th August 2009 05:52 AM

If you really do not have any idea regarding SEO,you can hire a professional for some time span.If you get better results then can handover your work to a professional.
But if show interest in learning SEO,then it is always better in the long run.

BWelford 20th August 2009 08:41 AM

Using a coach may be the best way
I believe if you have the time, then the best solution is to do it yourself. However to set you out on the right path, it may be better to work with someone who can act as an SEO coach. It may be that the coach will do some initial review of the website to make sure that there are no obvious blockages that can give search engine spiders problems. Thereafter you can determine a pattern of working together that fits your time availability and your budget.

In choosing that coach you must watch out for those who are using outdated or just plain wrong methods in trying to rank well. Unfortunately there are many around.

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