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Montri 23rd July 2010 09:24 AM

Greeting From Thailand To All My Friends.
A Big "HELLO" from Thailand to all my friends, wherever you are in the world.

Recently I have just started a samll business doing Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising. At the momen I only have one billboard size 3m x 2m which located in a 4-ways intersections, the traffics are quite heavy with around 800-2,000 people passby every hour. My goal is to seek only 15 customers a year (hoping that they will sign up for 12 months) to advertise on this billboard and, it's been almost 3 months so far, my sales rep can only find 1 customer (6 months contract). I think something is wrong here.....and I do not know how to get this business off the ground. I hope that my friends in this forum can help me sort my business out please.....(my background is in computing. I was a programmer. 'love technology stuff but do not know how to sell them).

I shall start putting my post in the forum soon. 'hope you guys don't mind helping us out.

ps. pardon my broken English, i'll try my best to communicate with you all.

take care and thank you in advance my friends.


Logan 23rd July 2010 02:05 PM

Hi Montri, you are more than welcome hear!

First off, congrats on your new biz. Sounds great, and every single business in this world starts the same way with the first customer. Honestly, that one is the hardest. As you found out.

What is different about the one customer you did have versus everyone else? Maybe that can help you identify what does "work" and then direct your people to focus on that. Just my approach.

First lesson of building a successful business, it takes a lot of persistence. Keep at it, and let us help you along. Welcome aboard :standingw

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