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alexandrabrian 18th January 2011 01:00 AM

Focusing Exit Pages Gives A Boost To Web Marketing
Getting expected conversion is not an easy task but a marketer has to utilize his best efforts for making this dream a reality. Understanding what users are doing at your web pages is important in order to focus the area that is helping high bounce or exit rate. Google Analytics can offer good support in that regard. Get knowledge what are the top exit pages of your website and then start working on those pages.

Google AdSense is another tool that is integrated Analytics and help in improving the conversion rate by monetizing your exit pages. It is experienced by many business owners that after focusing their exit pages they have got a great shift in their resulting revenues from web marketing.

Test AdSense at your exit pages and it will enhance the stay of users at your website. It will surely make your PPC marketing successful in 2011.The ads appearing at your exit pages should be appealing as well as relevant. It is tested by many businesses that by putting relevant ads at their web pages, the traffic stayed for longer and the chances of conversion get higher.

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