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louis2008 4th May 2016 12:45 AM

Question About Selling On Auction Site Like Ebay But Not Actually Ebay
hi guys
I don't want to bore you guys with details , I try to shorten my situation and questions.

I am selling on Auction site which is like Ebay but not actually Ebay. It's likely to protect sellers more. I have been reading their policies repeatedly but at the end of the day, their policies are inclined to buyers.

Just a general safety question. What could a seller do his most / best to protect themselves from being scammed?

I am NOT talking about avoiding emotions with problem customers - This is we all know.
I am NOT talking about providing better service or something- This is we all know.

I am talking about when somebody (probably your competitors), trying to make you loss by pretending to be a buyer with another account, getting the goods, making trouble, filing fake claims, or sending back fake products ... many many many... All these things cannot be avoided if he is your competitor who just wants to beat you down first before he sells well.

As a general rule, what we can do at the first step as precaution when selling on sites like Ebay? Any little thing we can do? Or Nothing we can do??

Please don't laugh. In our country there are MANY MANY such scammers and assho1es.

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