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AngelBiz 20th June 2019 08:26 PM

How To Grow Your Small Business When Consumer Is In Control
The world is changing at a rapid pace. What seemed a certainty a few years ago might be in doubt now. Who would have thought that the banking industry would be under serious threat from fintech start-ups? Who would have believed that large and historic department stores would be succumbing to the pressures of online shopping behemoths? The taxi industry has forever been changed by ride-hailing services, and the hotel industry is forced to keep up with the times due to pressures from a democratised short stay or rental sector. People are keeping a close eye on how younger generations are changing the expectancy of certain life events and purchases, such as buying a car, house and have children. It feels like everything has been predictable for so many years with everything put in turmoil the last decade.

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