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shivshakti 22nd October 2014 09:38 PM

Promoting Packers And Movers Reviews On Company Blog
I have a blog which aims to bring global or local participation about my service, packers and movers, reviews for any or our company. This blog I m aiming to bring out all reviews, in terms of quality, to get more participation.
I would like to hear about is this reviews promoting on our company blog a better decision? Because this looks partial being not 3rd party review site.

Logan 23rd October 2014 12:37 PM

I think it is a good idea. Think about longtail keyword optimization and how you can incorporate geolocation and other keywords into the mix. My advice is to make it as natural as possible. You want to tell the story of real people, who have had real experiences with your company. Certainly do it to help your audience, but it can be an effective way to add unique content regularly. Keep us posted how it goes, we are here to help you along. Best.

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