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AngelBiz 29th January 2014 12:14 PM

Is Your Office Design Hurting Or Helping Employee Productivity?
Is there any connection between how your office is furnished and employee productivity? If you look at the amenities provided by Google, Facebook and other innovative companies you could argue that creating right atmosphere and furnishing the office properly can encourage creativity and make your employees more productive. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office is just as important is it is in the home. Your employees feel more relaxed and at easy in this environment and can do their best work.

Many companies are scraping the idea of cubicles and instead are opting for open floor plan to encourage their employees to collaborate and socialize. You can take this one step further and provide open space with suitable furniture that will make employees gather around to brainstorm and socialize. Research shows that this type of environment can help businesses bring out the best ideas in their employees and come up with innovative products that will keep them competitive. So how can you set up your office to achieve this goal of higher creativity and productivity? Here are some tips.

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TheOfficeGuy 24th February 2014 05:21 AM

With coworking and executive suite-type office facilities springing up all over the country, it definitely seems like the concept of modern workspace design is being taken to a whole new level in the 21st century. A fun and vibrant atmosphere no doubt boosts employee morale and productivity - all you really have to do is just look at photos of Google’s or Facebook new offices to feel inspired!

However, I also think that the means of achieving this goal of higher creativity and productivity among employees has to do in many cases with the industry in question. What works for a law firm may not necessarily work for a software company. As comfortable as bean bag chairs are, they may be better suited for creative writers then for accountants. One thing I do believe to be universal across industries, however, is technology. As executive suites and coworking spaces continue to incorporate cloud storage, video conferencing, and touch screens into their infrastructure, companies that do not adapt may find themselves playing catch up.

For more on what constitutes an ideal office suite set-up, check out the blog article What to Look for in an Office.

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