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FoleyMarketing 18th September 2019 09:26 AM

How To Create A Winning Sell Sheet
A sell sheet is a very simple way to successfully promote and inform about a product or service. The goal of a sell sheet is to convince the reader to either request more information or purchase the product or service being promoted. Here are some important tips on how to create a winning sell sheet.

What is a Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet is a single, double-sided sheet a paper with information about and pictures depicting the important benefits of a new product/service that will ultimately persuade the reader to take further action towards making a purchase.

Where Do You Use a Sell Sheet?

Sell sheets are used when a company is promoting and trying to sell a product. Sell sheets are commonly used at trade shows by companies when wanting to provide more details around their products. Companies can also email a pdf version of the sell sheet to prospects and/or customers.

What Information Should be Included on a Sell Sheet?

Main Image — This is the perfect shot of your product or idea. The image should catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read/learn more about the product.

Supporting images — These are smaller images to help the reader understand the specific benefits and important features/information of the product. For example: a “then and now” picture or a picture with arrows and callouts stating what each “part” is.

Product Name & Benefit Headline — Use the product name along with the benefits as part of the headline.

Product Description — This is where you want to highlight features and give more information about the product, but do it briefly. Only 2-5 sentences…you want to keep the attention of the reader.

Contact Info — Make sure to have your name, email, phone number, and website present (and if it makes sense, your social media).

Bonus Assets — Add “Patent Pending”, a link to your product’s video and your Business logo.

All different kinds of companies use sell sheets. Sell sheets are a key component when promoting a new product or service. They should be informative, colorful, organized and make people want to learn more about your product. If you need help creating a winning sell sheet, please feel free to reach out…We’re always happy to help!

Danielle Foley, Owner
Foley Marketing Advisors
[email protected]

jeffscott 7th November 2019 11:38 PM

I would like to ask, how to determine the effectivenes of your sell sheet? Do you have a page in which your past clients has testimonials in your product or services?

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