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mortenhn 5th January 2012 08:22 PM

License For An Online Shop?
Hi everybody

Well I'm well on the way to establishing the company but i have run into some license questions now.

Does anybody here know if a pure on-line shop would need a license/permit in the state of New York?

The business would be focusing on on-line B2C/B2B sales of home appliances, consumer electronics and multimedia products.

I checked the New York DCA license website but found no information about if an on-line shop needs it or if its only required for a physical shop.

Thanks for any help given.

Best regards

The Diamond Pen 6th January 2012 07:52 AM

Usually, you do need a license to operate business in your state at all. I live in TN and work completely online, and I needed a license from my county to operate the business.

Your state or county state department office should have the answer for you, but be prepared to go ahead and get one.

Karen Cabana 30th January 2012 05:07 AM

I have many friends who are doing business online and they only use the social networking site which is Facebook. I believe no license is needed if Facebook is used as a tool to market the products. I suggest you also use that to add up with your marketing strategies. Best luck! ;)

daveb1 30th January 2012 10:43 PM

Hi Morten,

You will most likely need a few license and permits to operate any type of business in your state. Are you making in wholesale purchases / deals? I would contact a lawyer and the appropriate public officials just to make sure you have all your paper work in order. Business brokers are also great resources for questions like this. You will want to be better safe then sorry as the fines for operating a business illegally can be astronomical. Do you plan on setting up any type of corporation or business entity?

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