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borgninestallon 5th March 2013 02:31 AM

How To Beat .Gov Sites?

For years my site was ranking next to the .gov site for one of my keyword. How to beat .gov and bring my site before .gov domains. Will it be possible.? Since i have heard that .gov is very much highly information and also have high page rank. My site was ranking in 5th position in and the before 4 sites were .gov domains. My keyword is "ENS Visa". Please check this keyword in and let me know your suggestions and advise.

mmorpgs 13th March 2013 03:05 AM

Wow, that looks tough to compete against that many .gov ahead of you. If your website provides a service, perhaps you could write the .gov to get your website linked as a service provider?

I would think to compete you need some serious authority links. Perhaps some wikipedia links on the ENS stuff, and if possible some links from to refer traffic your way (better than SEO for conversions.)

Just some thoughts, but it looks like an authority issue, which I'm sure you've noticed as well =b

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