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Robert 28th June 2004 03:39 PM

Overture Launches Local Match

The idea behind Local Match is to allow businesses to bid on keyword phrases and to display their ads only to searchers within a certain geographical radius of the business's physical location.

Localmn 28th June 2004 06:41 PM

Interesting. I'm trying it out myself. I like Google's regional program so we'll see how this goes.

One thing I noticed. When setting up the ads they asked for my address info. There was a box that you could click to have this information 'not' appear with my ad. I didn't click it because I'm curious to see what this will look like. I suppose I'll see in a few days when the ads start displaying. :)


Localmn 30th June 2004 06:16 PM

Winds up I read past the guidelines too fast. I received an email from Overture explaining that they do not accept "web themed businesses". So, I'm out. I'm hoping that if you do have a physical store and you sell products or services both off and online, that should be fine, but I'm not positive.

Nonetheless, I'm pretty excited about this. It's almost like they took the best from PPC and Internet Yellow Pages and fused them together. You do not have to have a web site, so it can possibly help all small businesses. Hard to say for sure, but I'll be following it closely.


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