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! ! 21st March 2005 12:57 PM

Are you using the Invisible Web - What are your favorites for SEO?
What are some of the best Invisible Web resources for:
Web site Development
Internet Marketing

newleaf05 23rd March 2005 12:51 AM

Hello!...I am new to this Forum and website myself...I am looking for some good small business advice myself rather than the usual small business sham that people usually find when searching the web for useable content. I have a WHOLE binder full of useful internet articles and advice, of course websites that I printed material from that I found relevant. I will grab those when I get to my filing cabinet and send some along to you. It took me a LONG time to compile this information. What business are you in?.....It does make a difference,... I feel..what you are trying to market on the internet. Some products are more suitable for the web than others in my experience...For example....Spa filters and other chemicals work fine for a friend of mine, whereas I was offering Pet supplies on the web and it didnt really fly too well. Pet supplies are better suited to brick and mortar stores...Spa supplies worked well online due to the high cost of those items in the local stores. Success online takes the right product I feel. I will send along some good sites when I dig them up. This question struck a chord with me due to my research online and trying to dig up good sources myself. TTYL!...Eric

! ! 24th March 2005 12:34 PM



Options: Find content I can use for commerical purposes.
Find content I can modify, adapt, or build upon.

Search the Web
Why is this search different?This Yahoo! Search service finds content across the Web that has a Creative Commons license. While most stuff you find on the web has a full copyright, this search helps you find content published by authors that want you to share or reuse it, under certain conditions. Learn more...
This opens up a world of new possibilties

Thank you Yahoo!

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