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melodyc 12th April 2006 12:14 AM

Tag Line for Web Biz?
Just wondering if you could help come up with a tagline for a web-hosting / email-hosting company.

We're currently using "Helping Businesses Succeed via the Internet"... but decided it's long and boring.

We're starting a marketing campaign soon and would like to change it to something the client / prospect could identify with... perhaps something like "Get Your Business Noticed" or "Your Business is Our Business" I dunno?!

Please Help. Thanx!

Gav 12th April 2006 12:55 AM

What is your business name and domain name? This information could probably help those creative souls on this forum work with something. Also what are your philosophies to business or primary customer goals/product lines? Your tag line needs to reflect your business, but at the same time say everything to your customer within that tag.



melodyc 13th April 2006 07:43 PM
Hey Gav!

Thanx for your reply... My pc just had to misbehave whilst I was replying to your post. The Website is

I think the team has decided on the tagline.
Will be having another meeting to finalise issues before we begin that marketing campaign

I just wanna say "THANK YOU SO, VERY MUCH" for caring enough to reply. Really sweet of you.

Here's to an excellent Friday!

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