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Nutty 1st April 2020 07:04 AM

Changed Company Name
Hi Guys

I am working with a new client in the real estate sector and they have a list of clients in their MailChimp account who regularly receive newsletters, during the coronavirus outbreak they have decided to re-model their business and have changed their name, the company details of who you pay are the same, the people the same, but their website URL, logos and design have changed.

My question, given those facts is, are we allowed to email the existing client list newsletters? We have sent one stating we changed our name but we are not 100% sure we are breaking any laws?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have checked the EU commission website and that states if we "obtained" the list we have to re-qualify, we have not obtained it, they signed up for it under the old name which has been running for 5 years and now the name has changed.

Thanks and appreciate your responses


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