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BeBizsmart 17th August 2013 06:53 AM

Why You Need To Invest In A 1300 Number
Any Australian business – large or small – can get great value from a 1300 number. Many folks fail to spot the opportunity though, and end up missing on the many benefits that come with these numbers. Should you happen to own a business or managing one, following are some of the top reasons you need to associate a 1300 number with it.

Enhanced portability

1300 numbers are not dependent on a specific phone line which means you have the freedom to choose the location of your business offices/stores without the worry of getting disconnected from your customers. What’s more? You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars advertising your new number.

Less missed calls

You don’t have to worry about your customers not reaching you since a 1300 number provides the rerouting functionality that will ensure you get all the important calls, either directly on your own or through your business rep.

See more benefits of a 1300 number here.

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