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rebecca16 2nd October 2009 01:13 AM

Yes, I use a lot to improve my business and it's kinda very helpfull too:thumbsup2

alex27 2nd October 2009 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by morproh (Post 91259)
I had a customer today ask if they could follow us on twitter. That's the first time I've had that request, do people actually use it for day to day business? I always thought those sites were more for personal and invidual use?

Though Twitter is the talk of the town today, I guess its not the thing to do to promote your business and products. I'm using different strategies to promote and advertise my business and it really help a lot. Don't stick to Twitter alone, try to do some other strategies.

jonicode 4th October 2009 03:21 PM

I think Twitter could benefit a business tremendously if done right. Like for example, if you're in the restaurant business, twitting your daily specials would be a subtle yet compelling invitation, not to mention exposing your restaurant to suggestions and criticisms which are always ideal for improvement.

DavidMort 5th October 2009 06:51 AM

Sometimes people just underestimate twitter, taking it not seriously enough.I use it and it really helps, so why not?

meredith 10th October 2009 05:09 PM

Not just for online businesses
I am in a service based and location dependent business, and I've found it great to make new local contacts. I've met a whole new group of potential customers / referrers in this way.

This particular group are very active in retweeting, recommending and sharing useful information and links, and being part of that circle has already paid dividends in my business.

daniela27 19th October 2009 04:51 AM

Twitter is good for business. Business owners are always updating their products and website. And they can monitor their competitors as well.

faizanali0 26th October 2009 01:00 AM

yes i am using twitter since last 7 month, but honestly i didn't figure out that how to attract more peoples to Follow me on Twitter and also How i can get Good traffic Using twitter, Still learning it ... maybe i am not using twitter correctly , i am getting more traffic from myspace and facebook, rather then twitter . so i completely Focus on these two social media Sites

east2west 26th October 2009 05:35 AM

simple answer no....... twitter? who actually takes it seriously? Your time can be better utilized by doing SEO work on the net, UNLESS you have a specilized market that twitter users would like to check out...

IMO...fact is twitter is a tool for basic communication....not B2B.. or B2 Client.

Feechi 29th October 2009 09:09 AM

Not all about making sales
I haven't used Twitter as a way to promote my services, or try to get new clients. I use other resources for that. My #1 reason for using Twitter has been to connect with other graphic designers who post useful information and links that help in the growth of my business. I think it's a great platform!

samklein 17th November 2009 05:49 PM

We tried to use Twitter here at my company (startup software) and never saw any value in it. We posted company updates and product update information but never amassed any kind of following. We tried the dirty tactic of reaching out to people who expressed discontent with competing products but ultimately realized it was just another form of spam.

For those of you who claim Twitter is the next big thing, how are you using it? In what way has it become such a crucial part of your marketing efforts? What am I doing wrong?

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