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ChrisWiltshire 6th November 2015 07:54 AM

Need Your Opinion ! New Print Programmatic Online Service
Hey everybody,

I'm student at Wiltshire College in HNC Business Management but also I'm a french student in England this year to achieve this degree.

Furthermore, I'm in a Business development internship for a french company in print advertising sector called Adintime.

Little bit about the company :wave2:
"ADINTIME is a marketplace dedicated -as a start- to print media buying inspired by RTB: real-time bidding. We can call it print programmatic. We want to digitize and simplify purchasing media space buying by offering advertisers the ability to communicate with just a few clicks, 100% online and with the best rates on national and international press titles."

I have to realize a market research to know if it's interesting to develop the company's activity in United Kingdom and what kind of businesses can be interested by this service.

This is why I created a online survey to know your opinion as company. I would appreciate some feedback. I appreciate your time !


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