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BenDorio 17th August 2018 07:38 AM

Help With Linkbuilding Strategy (Pt 2)
Hello guys, last year I've asked to help with linkbuilding strategy from my previous project. I should admit - I prefer the natural linkbuilding development (without manual actions) Since that time I tried different linkbuilding strategies so want to share my experience and then to hear the feedback and even offers. *** google says that the best links are "naturally attracted" links which are obtained by shares of the high quality content. So the first Question is:

1) If the website doesn't have traffic but I'm posting the high quality and striking viral content to it - how could it be shared if there are no users? Where to find the first users without manual linkbuilding?

The second question is
2) How do you think about the social media - will they help to increase the rankings? I have some traffic from social media, youtube and others but I can't see the correlation between the traffic from SM and the rankings.

3) The third thing I'd want to talk about - the forums are not working to influence the website traffic. I tried a lot of different techniques on different niches and it's seemed to me that the link from forums are not working at all. What do you think?

4) PBN. What do you think about PBNs? Did you try? What do you think? (One more thing - I don't like the manupulation of the SERP, but with large pleasure would like to hear your opinion.

5) And the last think to talk about - I have the website FSND in the rather complex niche (it's very-very competitive) slot machines offered to play online (not casino but related to it a little bit). So what can you tell about it's links?
I don't use the links that Google consider to be "Trash links" - directories, guestpost etc. What can you tell about it? Will be greatly indebted to hear you feedbacks and advices on it here on in private messages. Thank you! :standingw

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