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ismael9467 23rd April 2007 07:04 AM

Accounting Software For Service Business
I'm working in Windows. I want a simple program that will produce accounting reports from my entries, as well as calculate business ratios., e.g. gross profit margin ratio. I do not deal with inventory, so don't need that aspect. I looked at a shareware prorgram called Instant CashBook 3 but it doesn't do the ratios. (Any other opinions on this program are also welcome.)

ramon9456 24th April 2007 06:16 AM

Re : Accounting software for service business
How big is this business?

A dynamic accounting solution could make the difference in a business start up truly gaining an advantage, or taking the dreaded plummet back to being employed under someone else. Microsoft is providing small to midsized businesses everywhere the opportunity to not only have an accounting system that is in line with issues such as Sarbanes Oxley, but will also give you the knowledge and business boost that systems like QuickBooks and Mas 90 will not.

Providing a scalable solution, so that when your business does grow- the software is ready, willing and able to grow with you. Whether your industry is finance, retail, not for profit, or professional services. we've got your industry specifically covered.

Have a look at integritymbs com the certified Microsoft partner.

SeattleCPA 28th April 2007 05:09 PM

Quicken or QuickBooks works pretty well
OK, fair disclosure... I wrote both Quicken for Dummies and QuickBooks for Dummies. (But then again I also wrote books on just about every other major accounting software package, too, in my day...)

That disclosure made, here's my thought. I think you can get by with something like Quicken or Microsoft Money. Service businesses are really easy...

P.S. I'm a CPA.

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