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Linda 18th April 2005 03:39 PM

Is Your Web Site Sticky? Eight ways to make your site a traffic magnet!
Brett Krkosska has an article on what makes your website sticky, that is make customers keep coming back.

"You must stay in touch with your target group's needs and format your site in interesting and useful ways. This is especially important as the fast-paced changes in technology continually reshape the manner in which we communicate with consumers. While it does take some work on your part, you will find it's a lot more effective than throwing gooey blobs at your computer."

Catch it @

What did you think of Brett's suggestions?

BWelford 19th April 2005 06:51 AM

I think Brett's article is great and his list gives the essential things you should do. :abovehead

His 8th point is to make your site interactive so that visitors can interact and deepen their involvement. As a development of that idea, a parallel blog may achieve that better. Commenting is a natural part of the blogging phenomenon so you may get more interaction. A blog is a more instantaneous thing whereas a website sounds more durable and long-lasting. The blog also expands the cross-linking possibilities for search engine optimization purposes. Finally with an RSS newsfeed, you can alert your visitors who are in to that when they should be back for the latest news items.

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