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Logan 19th January 2010 11:10 AM

Marketplace Forum Category. What's Your Input
Hey everyone. Over the past week we changed the name of the "Help Wanted" category to "Marketplace".

Here is the Marketplace forum if you are not familiar

At this point, the only rule we have in place is that all threads will be reviewed prior to being published.

We haven't completely defined what we want the Marketplace category to be, although I'm sure we share the view that we don't want it to be a bunch of worthless spam that wastes our time.

Please take a moment and share any thoughts you have regarding a "Marketplace" category for the forum.

How can we make the Marketplace forum category so it helps your business?

What do you want to hear from other businesses in this Marketplace section?

Anything you don't want to see?

Please don't be shy! I'm all ears and often have heard that some want to tell others more about their business. So maybe this can address that need here? your thoughts ....

DantheMan 31st March 2015 06:18 PM

What happened?
No feedback, nada, zilch. Alright two on five years. No one wants to capitalize on an oppurtunty? I was expecting to see requests for guest bloggers and other virtual help.
Maybe the title of the forum "General Issues" is the general issue?

Forum Members: Have you not seen this category? If you have and thought about using it, why didn't you?


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