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telemarketing65 15th June 2008 09:56 PM

Getting On Left Side (Organic Results) Of Google
How do you get on the left side of the search engine rather than the adwords? Without using a SEO because, that would be too expensive


bdorland 16th June 2008 12:36 AM

Here's a quick explanation to help steer you in the right direction.

First off, "the left side of the search engine" is what's considered the regular "organic listings" of the search engine. These websites are what Google (in this example) consider to be the most relevant sites for the particular keyword that has been entered.

Secondly, you get there by being the most relevant. How do you become the most relevant? Here's a few starting points:

1. Provide better content and resources than every other site that is getting listed for your particular keyword.

2. Market Your Business Online - Constantly strive to expand your internet presence by doing online advertising, article marketing, participating in forums, blogs, networking sites, etc.

3. Be Patient - High search engine rankings don't happen overnight. It could take months for your efforts to pay off.

Another thing to realize is the saturation of your industry or marketplace. It's probably safe to make the assumption that telemarketing is a very saturated space. This is going to make things even harder for you as the amount of competition you'll have to overcome will be immense. This is where a well trained SEO can really help. If you were in a very niche business, it may be very easy for you to get decent rankings on your own.

Lastly, you have to spend money to make money. You could certainly improve your site's overall rankings by learning and executing some SEO techniques on your own, but if you're really serious about success, an investment in business growth is rarely a bad decision...

David Wallace 16th June 2008 09:23 AM

In short, build the best site in your industry. That is really the core of SEO anyway.

telemarketing65 16th June 2008 10:35 AM

I know telemarketing is going to be hard to get in the rankings because, it's such a competitive business.

The niche is we only do short term campaigns up to 3 weeks. Nothing longer. We are the only company in the business i know, that does that.

Thank you so much for the information :)


Limozine 16th June 2008 08:57 PM

The million-dollar question is "on the left side of Google" for which keywords or phrase? It's impossible to answer your question intelligently without knowing that information. Some keywords are impossible to rank well for without spending enormous sums of money. Getting ranked well for others is quite feasible.

A good SEO person will first recommend a thorough keyword analysis to determine which keywords you should be targeting (i.e., high-demand, low competition keywords).

BusinessViking 30th June 2008 09:11 PM


Here's an article I wrote on SEO

Here are some things you can do to get listed on the left side, guaranteed:

1. Pick a keyword that is targeted. Rather than "cars" go for "ohio cars" or "your town, cars" - less people will be searching for it and those who DO search for it will be better potential customers.

2. Include keywords in your page title, header, meta tag keyword and metatag description, and in your content. Don't use more than 5% keyword density in your content.

3. Get other websites to link to you. Forums, social sites, directories (article and categorical)

4. Update often. (at least weekly.)


Amir W. 7th July 2008 07:53 PM


The niche is we only do short term campaigns up to 3 weeks. Nothing longer. We are the only company in the business i know, that does that.
There's your answer. Since "telemarketing" is such a competetive industry, I'm sure you can rank well for niche key phrases such as "short term telemarketing" or "part-time telemarketing service" or something along those lines. Have quality content on your site which includes the key words you are targeting, follow bdorland's other advice and you'll achieve your goal.

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