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sannwood 11th September 2006 08:49 AM

WAHM (Work at Home Mom)
I read a post this morning regarding a recent survey conducted on women-owned businesses:


According to a report recently issued by the U.S. Small business Administration's Office of Advocacy, women-owned firms increased nearly 20% in the five years between 1997 and 2002.

Women-owned businesses number 6.5 million (not counting farms).

However, almost 80% of them bring in less than $50,000 annually. And 86% have no employees.

What's more, almost one third of self-employed people (i.e., the no-employee business owners) are moonlighters, meaning they are both an employee somewhere and have a business. Most likely the business is on the side.
I believe a large portion of these numbers represents the WAHM's or the work at home mothers. There are many websites dedictated to this very topic and I believe these numbers will only continue to grow as the WAHM's are developing new services, operating websites and offering support and advice to one another. You can read the press release here.

Do we have any WAHM's or SAHM's (stay at home mom's) out there? What type of business are you operating and what services are you offering?

Let us hear from you!

movnupmom 11th September 2006 01:45 PM

I wish
I want to be a work at home mom or at least have a homebased business and be my own boss so if needed I can be at home and not lose to much pay. problem I am having is I can't figure out what kind of business I can start with my talents/experience that will be profitable and be somthing that people want/need.,and I don't know much about online business.I am not much of a comuter geek " no offence to anyone who is" I give you all kudos I wish I was a computer guru. Maybe I would have more options that way. Still doing the brain tango with all my ideas though.

sannwood 12th September 2006 08:32 AM

Consider ebay. . .
movnupmom, why don't you consider ebay?

I know several women who work from home with their children by their sides that sell on ebay. You don't have to be computer saavy to conduct business on ebay. They walk you through the selling and listing process step-by-step.

Here's a couple of ideas that women I know are currently employing on ebay: selling used designer children's clothing - you'd be surprised at the market that's out there that desires these products. Lines like Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Women I know pick these items up at garage sales & flea markets and resell them on ebay for a profit. Just make sure your items are in good, clean condition.

Another idea: selling used children's toys - there is a huge market for used children's toys on ebay. Little Tykes, Fisher Price and Playskool are just a few of the products fetching high prices on ebay. Especially vintage toys from the 70's. Used toys can easily be acquired at garage sales and yard sales. Dollhouses and accesories are bringing $60-$90, Little Tykes plastic play sets for outdoors are bringing $100-$150 and Fisher Price playsets like the castle, pirate ship and parking garages can bring anywhere from $30-$90 each.

If you are a saavy shopper, you can pick these items up for a couple bucks at the local yard sale and resell them for a considerable profit on ebay. Just make sure the items you are purchasing are not damaged and are relatively clean.

Start with items around the house that your children are no longer using, toys and clothing, and build from there.

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