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wgwi30 7th May 2013 02:51 PM

My Website
I am looking at ways I can get sponsorship/advertising for my website.... I have tried twitter and get clicks to the link but no donation money or emails with questions I type the following msg on tiwtter

Interested in being advertised? <Link> <--- goes out to business

The following goes out to personal profiles:

Keep amazing news and weather arriving in your inbox each week!

Amazing pictures of severe weather, check them out! <Link>

I have made a sponsorship page to send folks to with a link to my main website

Could anyone tell me what I maybe doing wrong or maybe tell me what I can do to get people to want to place an ad on my site.... The price would be a Donation and then depending on the amount it would be either Monthly or 1 time....

Any suggestions here please.....

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