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urbansoft 3rd May 2018 02:27 AM

Whis Is Best SMM Or SEM?

Which one is best for paid image display advertising?

1. Social media marketing display advertising.


2. Google adwords display advertising.

Julia StaRomana 3rd May 2018 03:53 AM

It really still depends on your market. Some have better luck with SMM while some view SEM to be more reliable.

blazerod 19th May 2018 03:49 AM

the best strategy involves a mix of both, the balance of both methods gives you the best chance to reach a larger audience and build maximum momentum for your business.

heyzal 27th June 2018 11:06 AM

I think you can use both, But social media marketing is better but totally depends on your business competition.

jeffscott 10th July 2018 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by Julia StaRomana (Post 265014)
Some have better luck with SMM while some view SEM to be more reliable.

You cannot rely on luck when it comes to SMM and SEM because it needs consistent hard work, analysis, data, strategies to achieve your goals in the said method.

torka 5th September 2018 08:40 AM

Does your audience frequent social media sites? If so, which sites? Is your product something that people will typically buy on impulse, or with a relatively short decision cycle (more usual with lower-cost / B2C products) or is it more of a long-term "considered buy" (common with higher-cost items and B2B products / services)?

Generally speaking, neither one will get you where you want to go all by itself. The best marketing employs a variety of tactics as part of an overall strategy.

It may be that one or the other is better, or it may be that neither one is a good option for you. Without more information on what you're trying to market, your overall strategy, and your other go-to-market tactics, it's impossible to tell.

—Torka :iratep:

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