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mariyajames 17th December 2012 04:40 AM

Online Invoicing Software
Hi Guys,

I am working as a freelancer for a company so I have to send them invoice for the work I have done in whole month. So it is very tough for me to create an invoice on paper and then send them every month.

Can anyone suggest me any software through which I can create online invoice and send them easily?

Looking for your answers...

Thanks in Advance:)

dgeneschi 17th December 2012 12:28 PM

I do freelance work periodically. Often, a company's accounting dept has a standard form they like you to use (usually a spreadsheet template) for documenting time, but in this case it sounds like not. When there is a standard template, I track time in toggl ( and then copy over my entries to the spreadsheet. When there is no standard form, I use Billings (, a really slick time tracking and invoice generation app for Mac. I went with Billings primarily because it is "pay once" and I'm not constantly doing freelance work so did not want to be bound to a monthly subscription for software that might go unused for several months at a time, plus the PDF invoices it generates are very professional-looking. If you must go with a purely online SaaS solution, I'd suggest starting with toggl as it does have invoicing functionality, is very widely used, and the free plan has a lot of functionality (and the paid plans are cheap compared to others). If it doesn't suit your needs, I've heard good things anecdotally about Freckle (, so might want to check that out, and also FreshBooks ( and Xero ( -- it's a pretty saturated market but I believe I hit the big ones. For my own needs, I like toggl and Billings.

BacklinksPlus 17th December 2012 04:40 PM

Intuit is good for this, not only will it take payments for you, but it also makes invoicing extremely simple

jgbreeden 17th December 2012 09:34 PM

Take a look at, I think they still have a free level for very basic invoicing. They charge for add-ons, like their full accounting tools.

shaunbaird 18th December 2012 07:01 AM

Paypal has a facility to send an invoice electronically. Simply write the total in there along with a short description ie: Freelance work Month end December 2012 - then the amount and send it to them. The actual "details" of the work can be held at your office in your own accounts book

jasminelane 31st December 2012 04:08 AM

Now so many invoice software are available in market.These are fast ,Free and simple so demanding too much in now days.People can Manage your clients from one place

mariyajames 11th January 2013 07:33 AM

Hey friends, thank you so much for your responses, meanwhile I was searching the software, so I got an information about "Invoicera". I tried it for a month(one month free trial) and finally I am satisfied with it. :)

But again thanks to all for your help. :)

daisyclarke 16th January 2013 06:01 AM is really good. I have tried it and I loved it.

cruttyr 17th January 2013 01:28 AM

I'm a small freelancer. Well, I think an accountant should do everything at the end of the year, but for simple invoicing and cash flow report I decided to stick with Start Invoicing
Simple and easy to use. My 2 cents.

yarridosti 19th February 2013 01:28 AM

You should try fetchflow . They offer full featured invoicing solution for free. It is OS independent as it is web based. You can create Unlimited PDF [Adobe PDF] branded invoices, estimates & PO's. There are many cool features like paypal integrated invoice payments,MS-Excel template based invoicing,Integrated stock & catalog invoicing etc.And many useful add-on,s are also available. They provide 24X7 hours live support.

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