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WaspBarcode_B. 14th June 2011 09:10 AM

We love using WordPress for our small business blog, because of its robust set of plugins. There are plugins such as Digg-Digg to help your viewers share your great content as well as All-In-One SEO to increase its visibility in the search engines. No matter what you're trying to accomplish with your blog, there's likely a plugin to get the job done.

eleison 15th June 2011 12:55 PM

Wordpress is better if SEO is your concern. However, you need to have a standalone domain to be able to use the full functionality of this CMS. There are LOTS of helpful plugins, and the interface is generally easy to use.

I like Blogger for no-frills blogging, I don't even care much about hosting it on blogspot. :thumbsup2

Ebony2009rb 24th June 2011 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by MySmallBiz (Post 131834)
Which is better to use?

Good question. I have been using WordPress for a couple of months now after becoming fed up with blogger. WP is so much more user friendly and versatile. It can though be quite technical in the outset. This is okay if you have time to search all the news, I actually bought this series of Webinars for $97 from

I never really buy anything but this has saved me months of time and I have built websites for other people using this very dynamic platform.
Hope this helps,

3Aces 1st July 2011 05:27 AM

As most ppl said over here...
1. Wordpress gives you (almost) complete control over your blog. You control the domain name, the hosting, the content, the layout and possibly everything else you can think of.
2. Wordpress has a wide range of solution programs in its plugins. For almost anything that you may need, there is almost always a plugin freely available.
4. Wordpress is great for SEO with its tags and stuff.
5. Wordpress blogs look so much like websites that the words "site" and "blog" is beginning to be used interchangeably.
6. If you have 10 dollars a month to spare you can have a great wp blog standing in a minute. If you just have $1.99 for a month's expense you can still have a blog up ... only you'll have to do the dirty work yourself and host on a free hosting.


In my view, blogger is for those who wish to actually blog without caring for a profit (you can still make a buck on it if your blog is good enough). Wordpress is for more serious and business minded bloggers. I would recommend WP any day.

nehadas87 13th July 2011 05:02 AM

Only you can judge what you need and which blogging solution would best fit that purpose. Each of these blogging services has their own pros and cons, but ultimately at the end of the day your blogs success rides on how well you market it, and how good your content is.

Neha das

Ted GWL 21st July 2011 10:37 AM

I think your question is a little ambiguous. Are you asking about versus Or are you asking whether you are better off with a stand alone blog running Wordpress as a content management system?

If your question is vs. then my answer without a doubt is I know that opinion is contrary to what others have written. But, here is why.

You tend to see a lot more websites listed in the search results than you see from

In fact, I hardly ever see a blog hosted on actually ranking in the results at all. So I would take anyday. There are other reasons too that would be far to complicated to explain in this little thread comment.

On the otherhand, if you are aksing if you should use Blogger or a self hosted blog running Wordpress content management system, then my vote is 100% for the stand alone Wordpress blog.

Hope that all makes sense.

dancorkill 14th September 2011 05:52 PM

Wordpress on your own domain hands down.

If you spend time building links and traffic to or, your account can be shut down at any time and there is virtually nothing you can do. You should always own your own domains and content.

kalyptra 21st September 2011 01:48 AM


use both it's also fine

numeric 25th September 2011 08:34 PM

I like wordpress because it's more flexible in design.

I've worked on two websites already and re-engineered the websites. You can do your own designs and have a better aesthetic website compared to blogger. :)

Hampers 12th October 2011 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by 3Aces (Post 146215)
In my view, blogger is for those who wish to actually blog without caring for a profit (you can still make a buck on it if your blog is good enough). Wordpress is for more serious and business minded bloggers. I would recommend WP any day.

I agree, even though I love the clean beautiful simplicity of blogspot.

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