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techmodi 13th October 2010 07:36 AM

Shall I Go For New Domain?
Hello All!

My website domain is loaded with so many other websites and micro websites. As I already mentioned in my previous post (with title “Help Me- How To Increase Traffic Rate In My Case”) about my website traffic problem. We also have one page with different domain. My other SEO team members are suggesting me to continue working on previous domain of my website as well as utilize new domain for same website theme (that is web design and development).

They wanted to do so just to see the difference in traffic. If it goes well with new domain and if it gets desired traffic, we will switch the theme of our website totally to new domain. But I am not in favor of this although it will not harm my previous website (with old domain) but will include so much of rework.
Please suggest me what to do in this case.

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