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faiza 15th December 2016 12:01 AM

Tell Me The Difference ,
tell me the difference between ,
copy writing,content writing,ghost writing.

maximus4992 15th December 2016 09:33 PM

In a word, the biggest different between Contentwriting and Copywriting is PURPOSE. Copywriting is for promotional advertising, marketing... Contentwriting is for holding clients, bring them closer with your brand.

GlennAlan 14th January 2017 11:33 PM

BIG Difference Btwn the 3

Copywriting is to SELL STUFF

CONTENT is to SHARE information

GHOST Writing - you are writing FOR a Client.


jeffscott 20th January 2017 01:49 AM

Copywriting is more on optimized content in which particularly on product and service while content writing is focus on establishing the brand to the audience.

Nutty 20th January 2017 06:23 AM

Copywriting is generally used to help create direct mail pieces, web page content (however, if the purpose is promotional you may be preferred to be called a content writer), online ads, email and other internet or television, etc

If you send email offers for example, you would want to consider writing good copy so your client base want to engage with your offer and not feel like they are being spammed.

You make a generous offer of something valuable to your audience and you get them to want to buy from you but not out of pressure but because they enjoy your content and what you are ultimately selling.

It does all start with a bunch of keywords just like most of everything else we drive on the internet, knowing your audience is key.


AlexBarret 10th May 2017 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by faiza (Post 251407)
tell me the difference between ,
copy writing,content writing,ghost writing.

As for me, copywriting is a process, when somebody "borrows" somebody`s writing with whole sentences. He`s just a lazy one to write it by himself.) A content writing is a creative process. Somebody creates something new and interesting and useful. But I don`t know what is ghost writing.):wave2:

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