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techmodi 13th October 2010 05:09 AM

Several Micro Websites And One Domain!
Hello all,
I already asked this question with Title "Several Micro Sites and One Domain" in one of my thread with title "Help Me- How to Increase traffic Rate In My Case" respectively. I am resubmitting the topic because I didn't received any response for the question I had raised. So I have decided to ask it under new thread on the forum platform. Actually I am in urgent need of solution for the same.

My question is that my website domain is used for launching micro website with same theme (web design and development). Also as our website is related to web design and development, our web designers and web developers use the same domain for testing. We offer same domain to clients for launching their websites (we offer it to more than 95% of clients). Is it harmful or create problem in generating traffic by doing so? Or it reduces importance in Google? I really don't have any knowledge in this topic. I searched it but not getting, exactly what I want.

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