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rhart 25th March 2008 06:45 PM

New Advertising Alternative
We have been developing a website that is about 6 weeks out from launching. The way this site is designed is so that businesses dont have to spend thousnads of dollars a month trying to reach customers. Instead, customers that are looking for a certain business or products would select a category and either pick the individual business or the entire category and send them a message via email. The businesses would then send the consumer back messages if they can accomodate the consumer. Searches can be fined either locally, within a certain radius, or nationwide. Here is an example: customer is looking for DJ services for their wedding. In our local phone book their is 29 DJ companies. Now we have all looked in the phone book and have usually left frustrated and empty handed and usually stop after calling a few companies so the other 20 somthing are left out. Now by going to our website the consumer can click on DJ service and send the DJ companies a message stating what she is looking for ie: date,time and,price.

At $30.00 a month businesses can put all their information on our website ie: hours of operation, mission statement, phone number, keywords, also a coupon or flyer this alone would save businesses over $200.00 versus putting an ad in the paper or direct mailer. Also consumers will have the option to be added to businesses mailing lists. Anytime that a business updates their information or coupon their mailing list will recieve it.

We are looking for ideas and comments about our site on how to make this better for everyone. If you have some insight or ideas please post them or pm us.

Also, we are looking for ideas on effective marketing.

Thank you in advance for your input

PressureProsInc 25th March 2008 06:55 PM

How would you compare your service to Yahoo of Google local. Different model? Similar?

rhart 25th March 2008 08:50 PM

Our website would be set up along the same lines as far as being able to search local businesses. But the idea is to give consumers an alternative to the normal search and seprate us from everyone else. Where ours is different is that it gives the consumer the options to message all businesses under the category they are looking for. The idea is for it to have the same categories as the phone book.

simonr 12th April 2008 04:35 PM

Percent rather than a flat rate?
Perhaps not a percentage (cos I'm not sure of what it would be a percentage of!) but maybe a cost per contact or something? The reason I ask is that 30 a month might not generate any business (or even any enquiries).

I've not thought how this might work, though, so it could be cobblers!


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