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noahwilson 23rd April 2013 03:14 AM

What Is Difference In Static And Dynamic Web Pages?
Hello Guys,
I am not more familiar with web developing, so please guide me what is main difference between static and dynamic web page. and which on is best according to SEO Work. please share your feedback.

torka 23rd April 2013 12:04 PM

There is no real difference in terms of SEO, because they're all HTML by the time they reach the web. SEO has to do with the specific components of the page, not how the page was generated. Either one can be SEO-friendly or SEO-unfriendly.

Dynamic pages are those that are created "on the fly" using a template for layout and a database for content (for instance: search results pages or Wordpress posts), while static pages are those that are coded in advance and uploaded to your web server.

--Torka :iratep:

samirbalwani 15th May 2013 10:29 PM

Dynamic pages are good for SEO because they change. Google likes fresh content and pages that are updated.

So if you have a page that is dynamic, in that it is updated with the latest information - the dynamic page will be more SEO friendly than the static page that has stale information.

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