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thejenn 10th September 2007 03:47 PM

New Article - Usability And SEO - Red Light, Green Light
Authored by: Kim Krause Berg

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During the past ten years there's been a drastic improvement in the amount of companies who accept the need to work search engine marketing techniques into their web sites. User centered, persuasive design on the other hand, are still just whispers in the wind. Will it take another ten years for usability and accessibility to be as justified a expense as marketing is for a web site property?

torka 10th September 2007 04:43 PM

Great article! I love Kim's perspectives on this issue.

IMO, trying to build a site first and tack on usability later when time/budget permits is like building a house without any electrical wiring, expecting to be able come back later and add that bit on without too much trauma. (And then wondering why none of the lights or outlets work in the meantime.)


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