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Linda 2nd May 2007 03:08 PM

How To Create Redirect Pages For Your Affiliate Links
How to create a redirect page.

"The redirect pages outperformed direct affiliate links about 2 to 1 when placed in the same position on my web site. This meant twice as many people were clicking the indirect affiliate link as were clicking the direct affiliate link. Why?"

Catch it @

Search Engine M 24th July 2007 12:34 AM

Certainly some food for thought here.
Iíll have to take a look at my search engine marketing mix and see how I measure up.
Thanks for an excellent info!:)

pete 24th July 2007 07:23 AM

There is a lot of truth to increasing sales by not having obvious affiliate links. This is the first i've seen of the meta redirect. People have been using 301 redirects and htaccess redirects for some time to acheive the same results.

One drawback to these is they still show the affiliate link in the browser address bar after the redirection takes the viewer to the product page.

There is a better solution, one that masks the address, giving the appearance that the viewer has never left your site, since your address still shows in the address bar. This keeps people from ever seeing your affiliate code, or even suspecting it is an affiliate page they are viewing.

This little program masks the link entirely, and you can name the file anything you like. I often just name it "index.html" and put it in it's own subdirectory. I can then link the prospect to or and they see that address when at the actual sales page.

The little program is called Master Masker and I recommend it to anyone in affiliate sales.

Master Masker

I sell this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on a regular basis, on a number of affiliate forums, and have never had a request for a refund. It's simple and it works.

James Schramko 24th August 2007 08:51 AM

I often buy domains and mask redirect them to the real site for this reason.

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