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BusiTab 16th May 2005 10:05 PM

Which accounting software do you prefer?
After owning a small business for 25 years, my mother has finally decided she is ready to automate her office. Until now, she has done all her invoicing/payroll/accounting/bookkeeping etc by hand or with a typewriter. She has asked me to help bring her into the 21st century.

I am spending the next few weeks learning her business. I am looking for advice in regards to system and software selection. I am very competent using computers for personal use and in a "worker bee" capacity, but I've never owned a business and need a little direction to help her.

Any help is appreciated! Here are some specs on her business:

# Employees: 8
Est. Gross Sales: $500k
Type of business: Furniture Repair & Refinishing

If there is other information you need to give advice, please let me know!

Thank you for your time!

Robert 16th May 2005 10:16 PM

Welcome to the forum BusiTab! :standingw

I use Microsoft Money, but to start fresh, I'd go with Quickbooks. I don't have data to back it up but it seems there are a ton of tools and services that are designed to integrate with Quickbooks. For example, I was looking at a popular shopping cart program today and there was a third party module that integrated the shopping cart into Quickbooks.

So, as a Microsoft Money user, I vote for Quickbooks.

sbchampion 17th May 2005 12:50 AM

A Vote for Quickbooks
We're a floor care service. When we first started out, we tried everything we could think of not to use Quickbooks. It's stupid, but we didn't want to just conform with the norm. We found out the hard way that Quickbooks is so popular because it works. We wasted thousands of dollars on other software programs, even those created especially for our industry, but they just didn't meet our needs. We ended up coming back to Quickbooks and it's been smooth sailing.

For a service/sales business with employees, I HIGHLY recommend the payroll module and the customer manager module. These two add on's will allow you to navigate & coordinate all your business functions from prospect management to employee tracking. It's awesome, and affordable.

Good luck.

gilmorejay 17th May 2005 07:55 AM

In Canada, there used to be a number of players, MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) Simply Accounting (ACCPAC for SME) and Quickbooks. Quickbooks is by far the easiest to use because it uses the cheque (check) method of debits, credits, payments and refunds. MYOB was bought out in Canada by Intuit, Quickbooks owner,

I currently use MYOB because I own an older version of it and I don't need to use the payroll functions.

I will eventually move onto Quickbooks but the major issue that I have with them is their licensing and support pricing scheme. When I worked with a previous employer they had a hell of a time after a tax and version upgrade. Quickbooks wanted to charge my employer for support when it was found that the patch couldn't be installed correctly. The upgrade had a bug that was incorrectly screwing up the db tables and the account balances were all off because of some bug in the dates. It took two days and several phone calls to get them to agree that there was an issue with the installation.
On the other point, in Canada, they have been increasing their upgrade pricing every year without providing better service or product improvements.

Simply Accounting uses the accounts method which is what is in MYOB and I don't mind it but it is not as easy to use as Quickbooks. The main advantage of Simply is that it can be scaled to the enterprise class ACCPAC if the company grows.

For you folks in the US, Intuit offers an online version of their software program that looks pretty good. It would benefit by always being up to date etc.

I wish that MYOB was still around here in Canada, I liked the interface and the fact that it wasn't Quickbooks.

There are a couple of open source solutions I have tried looking at and whoa - they suck! You can't deny that Intuit has a good product.


St0n3y 17th May 2005 10:54 AM

Well, once I switched from Sole Proprietor to an LLC, I stopped using any accounting software and paid an accountant to do it all for me. Quickbooks was a headache to me but I bought it because its popular. It's also a mess, but there is strength in numbers (pun intended).

Robert 17th May 2005 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by gilmorejay
For you folks in the US, Intuit offers an online version of their software program that looks pretty good. It would benefit by always being up to date etc.

Wow, I just looked at the QuickBooks online version and they now offer plans starting at $9.95 per month. $19.95 used to be the minimum but they've added the new $9.95 plan for smaller businesses.

obinstitute 17th May 2005 04:40 PM

Another vote for Quickbooks
Once you get her established, Quickbooks is really user friendly. My vote is for Quickbooks. (though I tend to be prejudiced where Microsoft is concerned) :p


mapbooks4u 17th May 2005 09:56 PM

Hi BusiTab!

I highly recommend QuickBooks Pro. QuickBooks Premier is good if you need to have a few people doing things, (posting, invoicing, etc.), in your books.

With QuickBooks Pro you can set up like 5 or 6 different companies if need be, and as of QB Pro 2003, you can email invoices and estimates to your customers, as well do your back ups to cds or thumbdrives. You can set up QuickBooks Pro for just about any kind of business, definitely great for both retailers and service oriented companies.

I currently use QB Pro 2003 although I did purchase 2004, (just haven' t taken the time to load it.) I always wait for the new version to go on sale, never buy at first release, because of the significant savings.

I am an absolute fan of this software and love being able to customize all of my forms, keep track of inventory, and tons of other things, all in one program. :thumbsup:

BusiTab 19th May 2005 07:12 PM

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful feedback! :abovehead

This is going to be quiet a transition and I appreciate any words of advice fellow business owners can provide.

Cheers to you all!


ppcs 25th July 2005 01:04 AM

I have used an old version of Quickbook a few years ago. I am using Peachtree at this time. I do wish do go back to Quickbooks in the future.

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