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thejenn 5th April 2005 02:22 PM

New Article - Google Maps Integrates Keyhole Satellite View
Full Text:

Some Snippets:

"Not long after making a round of updates to the Google Map feature, Google has gone a step further and integrated the Keyhole satellite image technology with their local maps."

"...there are still some practical applications for the integration. The first one that popped into my mind was shopping for a new home. What a fun way to find out if the home you're considering purchasing is near a school or major highway before even heading out to see it. "

Localmn 5th April 2005 08:38 PM

This is really cool. For one, it's fun as a user to see the actual images as close up as they are. For a small business owner, a potential customer can have the chance to see their neighborhood via satellite.

Couldn't find a direct link, but on Keyhole's main page, there's an FAQ pop up that reads "will I be able to see my house?". It tells how close and how recent the images are in different metropolitan areas throughout the world.

I really like this as an addition to their local business center. Show your location, address, hours of operation, method of payments, and now a satellite map... for free. Too cool.


thejenn 6th April 2005 09:58 AM

Yeah, I remember when Keyhole first came out, my husband downloaded the trial version and proceeded to spend the next week glued to the computer typing in the address of anyplace he could think of.

One cool thing...his parents' farm is in a high enough population area that you could zoom in pretty close. You could even see the car parked in the turn-around of their driveway. ;) The first thing I thought of was to check and see if I could locate the Arizona in Pearl Harbor as I know it's shallow enough that you can see it from the air...but they didn't have coverage of the harbor. :(

I really like the bird's eye view of local areas. I love being able to scroll around and see where the railroad track is that's near my home. I'd never been able to find it while driving, but I can hear the whistle. Little things like that make this a nifty tool.

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