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fairyfloss90 27th July 2016 08:54 PM

Business Ideas

I have been interested in starting an online business, I currently work however I have a lot of spare time.

The ideas I have come up with so far:

1. Web design
I am pretty good at setting up websites, buying domains etc. Would be good idea as I do sit on a computer all day long anyway. Only problem is that there is a lot of competition, how would I make myself stand out? how would I gain business?

2. Service based website
I have an idea for a service were people pay to advertise a specific product on my website, good idea as it requires minimal effort from myself however I have a direct competitor or two. Not sure how I would make myself stand out from the competitors and how I would gain customers.

3. Homemade natural body products
I would be interested in creating my own body scrubs, packaging and selling them. The only issue is this is a over saturated market. How would I make my products different. I like the idea of Frank body scrubs, simple product however the marketing Is what makes it stand out.

These are the main ideas I can come up with, not sure how good they are, what does everyone think? Do you have any other ideas for me?

paulsimmons 9th September 2016 06:58 AM

Business Ideas
I would like to suggest my favorite ideas for starting a new business online.

1. Online Tutorials

2. Consumer electronics

3. Health and beauty products

4. Toys and video games

5. Computer programs or Software

Ideas took from

tpy84 9th September 2016 11:02 AM

I would suggest grabbing Pat Flynn's new book "Will It Fly?" Very easy read with practical steps to help you wrangle your ideas and then methodically test them for validity as a business. It's excellent (and no, I'm not getting paid to recommend it; it's just a great resource).

ketherineprince 27th September 2016 02:14 AM

Online Business ideas
Hi.... I would like to say my ideas for starting a new business online.

If you are a fashion designer and you are waiting for opportunities to start a new online business or already you are a tailor looking to expand online your business.

If you like tailoring business and you can start a tailoring business in an online. It's really more profitable to know which region you focused. If you recognize who desires your service however, best to serve them and the way to with success reach them.

Simply you be in your place to receive your customers order and make their dress and send them back.small investment and low risk here.. The optimist way to improve your tailoring business is hosting your own website.


MahaKarthi 30th June 2017 09:31 AM

The ideas are general. You can select a few thoughts say for example under web designing and then thing of a business. Consultants like Piterion also help these days.

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