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sannwood 9th April 2008 01:19 PM

Are You "Twittering" Out There?
"Twittering" over at is something new to me and I'm just getting the hang of it now. It's actually a pretty cool little function that you can use to follow what friends or business contacts are doing each day and Facebook even has a Twitter application for your profile page, too.

I'm slowly realizing that it's a great way to interact with people and stay connected to those around you - and also to expand the network of those around you and I've actually visited some great sites and learned a thing or two after seeing someone else "twitter" about it.

So, I guess that brings me to my ultimate question, which is: Are you twittering out there? If so, leave your address below so we can all sync up and see what everyone's doing out there.

If you'd like to follow me around the net, my Twitter address is: Follow me and I'll follow you. . . .what's yours?

Matt McGee 9th April 2008 02:12 PM

I'm trying to avoid it still. Not enough time in the day for such micro-conversations.

But I'm also realizing there are benefits I'm missing out on in terms of networking, exposure, etc. So it's getting harder to resist.....

I'm trying to be the last person on Twitter. :-)

Logan 9th April 2008 02:26 PM

I'm going to take you up on that challenge Matt :drunk:

calevans 9th April 2008 02:49 PM

Hi Staci!

I actually have like 6 twitter accounts (I'm running out of email addresses to register with!) My main one is calevans (prefix it with and there I just usually chitchat with friends, post things I find, try to be witty. Since I usually only blog once a week, I also post links to my blog posts but I try to keep that to a minimum. It does however double the traffic on any given post vs. non tweeted posts. That is due in large part to the fact that I don't get that much traffic on my blog anyhow.

The other twitter accounts are project specific, my blog doesn't have one but 2 of my podcasts do and the conference that I chair does. I publicize these for what they are, announcement channels. That way I don't turn people off with my channel just to pimp my projects. I've found that those who want to use twitter as a notification channel, readily subscribe to the other channels. The ones who don't are glad that I set them up. :)

The only problem with this scheme is that I keep having to log out/log in to announce different projects. I usually keep Safari (I'm on Windows, it's not my primary browser) logged out of any twitter account and when I'm not working with my main account, I post from Safari and then try to remember to log back out.

All-in-all, twitter, if used right, is a great marketing tool. As with any tool, you can poke yourself in the eye with it. I've got another idea about twitter but I'm working on a blog post about it. :)


p.s. yes, that only accounts for 4, I've abandoned one because the name was too long and the other was a typo when I registered it. :)

prasunsen 9th April 2008 03:21 PM

It's still very hard for me to find a purpose in this besides marketing yourself or your site of course. But somehow I don't feel like twittering will stay for long. Eventually the twitter fashion may disappear just like other "hot" things

dewaldp 10th April 2008 12:18 PM

Hi Staci,

I'm just getting the hang of Twitter. Looks promising.

Here's my profile:

Best regards,


sannwood 11th April 2008 02:13 PM

Hi Cal - nice to see you here! And it sounds like your seeing the benefits of twittering. It's taking me a while, but I'm slowly coming around to it. Especially since lately, I've seen that a lot of others are now twittering as well and finding it to be quite useful. At first, however, the concept eluded me. I should update more but I don't. I think that will be changing though. I see how it can become addictive for many and I know there are pople that are able to leave it open in a sidebar or widget of some sort. I haven't gotten that far yet but that sounds like it'd be more user friendly.

Matt and Logan - nothing we can do to convince you, huh? Maybe we'll see you there someday and thanks for your responses!

Matt McGee 11th April 2008 03:24 PM

Cal - I believe there are some tools out there which allow you to post from any one of multiple accounts. Do some searches for "twitter tools" and such.

Staci - maybe someday. Now that there's a local element to it (, I feel almost obliged to check it out.

calevans 11th April 2008 03:56 PM

Hi Matt!
(Come to the dark side!) :)

Yes, there are tools that will manage multiple accounts. However, I'd rather not manage them at all. (I'm lazy like that.) So for my podcast and my blog, I'm using a WordPress plugin. It's actually really powerful and I turn off everything except notify twitter when I have a post. Unfortunately, the software I use to manage the site for my day job is not quite as flexible so I have to do that manually. :) The tricky one is the one for my conference. During the conference we run on a repeater so that any message prefaced with ZendCon will get repeated to all followers. The code worked great last year...hopefully there won't be any problems in brushing it off and using it again this year. :)

If you do decide to join us on twitter, here are two pages of twitter tools you can play with. (ironically, my favorite twitter client, spaz, is not listed on either list.


p.s. Thanks for I added the Nashville feed to my Outlook+Attensa setup. Finding old friends already.

sannwood 16th April 2008 02:01 PM

Twitter Backgrounds
Dewaldp, thanks for the connect link and your response. I'm now following you. . . !

And Cal, thanks so much for contributing so much valuable information to this thread and for your blog post, too. Twitter is such an interesting concept, isn't it?

I just figured out how to change the web page background and I like my Twitter page much better now! So I thought I'd include some links to pages where you can get backgrounds to customize your Twitter page:

Twitter Backgrounds 1
(Be sure to download the "large" image as it covers the entire Twitter page. Click on the photo of your choice, click "all sizes" link. . .)

Twitter Backgrounds 2
(Most of these are better when the photo is set to "tile" the page. . .)

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