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IV Studios 12th October 2008 03:58 PM

What's Your Business?
Ok people this is a small business forum and I want to know what your business is.

Without being too spammy, please let us fellow readers know about your business.

What do you sell, how long have you been doing it?

What have been your biggest challenges and most surprising successes?

Online only and/or brick & mortar?

Whether it's footballs or financial services, give us a little business bio!

Thanks, this should be interesting.


aloemike 12th October 2008 06:16 PM

I just recently started working with a company called Forever Living. Basically this company provides you with quality aloe and honey based products and you become a distributor. Being a successful salesman and signing up people under you can lead to a higher position with more profits. I haven't had much success yet because i haven't really been devoting time to it, however i plan on changing that in the near future.

mlmblonde 7th November 2008 03:07 PM

Greeting cards
I'm in the greeting card industry. I help businesses and customers, send real printed greeting cards from the internet direct to their clients mail box. They pick card, type message, add photo if they wish, and we stuff stamp and mail for them. They can do one or 1,000 cards for under $1.

I help my clients and customers develop a solution to their own marketing needs no matter what business they are building. I save them time, money and gas in providing the service.

That's it in a nutshell.

I also do live webinars to help my customers and team learn the system so they can share as well. If anyone is ever interested in attending one of my webinars, you can find me on skype under mlmblonde, or IChat under RoadToWin. Feel free to contact me for a registration link to the next live one. Next one up is tonight at 10 PM EST which is probably not a lot of notice.

What does everyone else do here?:cloud9:

bizzy bee 6th December 2008 02:49 PM

Arts & Entertainment

well I am in the arts & entertainment business... more specifically "dance". I am myself a professional dancer/teacher, and I partnered with two other professionals to create a website geared towards all dance lovers (fans to pros).

It is a social network, to help artists promote themselves, connect and find related resources. We also have online dance classes of different styles and levels, taught by choreographers currently active in the industry.

So basically, that's what my new business is about. :p

johnpaint 7th December 2008 12:33 PM

Interior and exterior house painting
We are interior and exterior home painters in Portland, OR Vancouver, WA area.Maybe not as exciting as the rest you guy's businesses but we make a living.I have had this business since 93 and been through a lot different times.
I started my website little over a year ago and within 6 months got pr of 3 so thats great. It has paid for itself for sure.Just looking for more ways to get more exposure and have fun doing it. this kind of become a hobby I guess.

Flawless Detail 3rd February 2009 08:58 PM

Automotive and Marine detailing is our gig. We are closing in on the four year mark here in April. It has been a rough road, but we've grown from a 640 sq/ft. shop to 6820 sq/ft. I have all intentions of launching a second location as soon as the economy stabilizes a bit and I build up enough of a cushion to float on for a year while the location gets up and running.

ChristineG 4th February 2009 08:47 PM


Hi, I’m an Online Marketing and Social Media Consultant and Small Business Coach. I teach solopreneurs and small business owners how to use online marketing and social media to communicate effectively and authentically and attract more business.

BarryDavis 23rd April 2009 02:05 PM

Our Biz
Hi Everyone..

I own IdeaBox Marketing &'s a company that is dedicated to making small businesses successful...these are the companies that have little to no marketing & advertising budgets.

We have multiple streams of income, they include:

Building 20 page, content based websites utilizing 500-1,000 keywords;
A number of licensing agreements between companies;
Portal Websites (i.e. a site about hardwood flooring - we sell unlimited pages on this site to small flooring companies for $47 per month...this way, they have a presence on the web with very little cost to them). We have a number of these sites covering areas such as hardwood flooring, screen printing of t-shirts & professional trainers.

We offer a number of ideas on how to build traffic for their existing websites.

We also just came up with offering non-profits a FREE 10 page website for only a small fee (hosting) each month.

Another area of our business is to come up with marketing/advertising ideas for little or no money...for example, anytime you pay your business or personal bills, be sure to include your business card or brochure in the envelope. You never know how many people see that payment...

We've been in business for almost 2 years now, and have done very well...we operating in southern california...and at last count, in Riverside County where we are, there are over 180,000 small businessess...

Looking forward to hearing what you guys do...

Barry Davis

HomeComputerGam 28th May 2009 10:21 PM

I was previously involved with business consulting that assists brick & mortar businesses in developing an online presence. Before that I was involved with one of the top online gambling portals and owner of several other online businesses including an online poker room. I got into the consulting after the sale of my gaming sites and when Gambling [dot] com was sold. A lot had to do with new U.S gambling regulations, but that is another story.

I had rented a small building in town and started a video game store. I hated it.
I much more preferred online. Since I enjoy a challenge I decided to take on something big. So I turned my b&m over to a friend and decided to take my knowledge of gaming and see if I could compete with the big dogs.
Upon my amazement I found my current domain and thought it perfect for my new challenge.
Few people now know that video games played at home were once called "home computer games".
So perfect.....I have my domain and a bit of to compete.
All excited I completed my BP in record time and was set to go!

One of my first realizations was that it is easier to get someone to gamble $50,000 online than it is to get someone to buy a $50 video game online. :fryingpan1:

But that was just a slight setback. I learned about product specific targeting and product conversion best practice. And my first year boomed with better than expected sales.
Then comes the economic chaos this year. I fight for each and every sale. I have even included the sale of used games to try and counter the current economics. This has helped and even landed me Google page 1 placements for some of these used game terms.
I must admit if I was paid even a slight amount for hourly work involved I would be a very wealthy man. But that is not the case.

So after 1.5 years, the many endless nights of development and promoting are beginning to show. I can now often be found on the same page with Amazon and the others. I expect another 1.5 years before I can compete on the major keywords. But one thing I do know, I will get there.

I have just recently opened an online arcade, gaming blog, affiliate, and Gaming forum.
The forum is BRAND new as of last week. It is just sitting there waiting to get filled with posts :)
It seems I have lost my "fill the forum with posts" magic wand though.
Guess I'll have to find the hat that fits for forum manager and put it on.

All in all, the pay is currently low, but the excitement is growing.

Now where did I put my blogging hat?

touchkit 29th May 2009 09:08 AM

I just recently started a Touch Screen venture - cost effective advanced touch screen solution for Corporate events, Trade Show/Exhibitions, Real Estate, School, Science centers, Museum environments, Retail-stores and shopping windows, Digital signage/Interactive advertising.

Why my screens are special? It’s because of the size – all screens are custom made, attached kits/overlays on 50”, 60” HD LCD TVs or 72”-74” HD DLP projectors.

Looks like the trade shows/corporate events market starts to grow – more and more companies are looking to increase the visibility/market impact using interactive touch screens.
Studies comparing companies using interactive displays with those using static displays show that people will stay in an interactive display almost twice as long as a static display, giving the exhibitor a greater opportunity to build stronger relationships. Involvement and relationships are key factors to increased sales.

But most of the trade-shows attendants are backing off because of the lack of knowledge/providers of interactive applications.

If you are familiar with interactive/touch screen apps. I’ll be happy to add you on my website as Interactive apps. designer/creator/provider.

At the moment we are building several complete systems – 52”-60” HD LCD displays with interactive touch screen capability – available for State of Florida.

I also am involved in Variable Data print – variable content imaging for the direct mail/marketing industry – I develop/create high level personalization using XMPie (server), DirectSmile, uImage, etc.
If you need help please feel free to contact me.

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