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mmflash 9th June 2009 05:30 AM

We are manufactuering and export led light up promotional products and gifts. It is very interesting,but our main products are led light up fans,which is only hot in summer season. We are thinking about deveoping some new items for promotional use.

TOrwig 9th August 2009 04:35 PM

Having owned a promotional marketing company for 5 years, I would say this - promo items are great as long as you are advertising to your bread and butter clients with electronic media first. I.E....don't rely on coffee mugs to get you business.

BUT....sending clients a cool item is always en vogue. But I would prefer to buy a high ticket, usable item and buy less of them and hand deliver them to prospects and clients vs. throwing a bunch of pens out at a tradeshow. I had a client who engraved his clients' names on a really nice pen (NOT his name) and gave them out when the client signed on to his firm. It was all about the client, not the company.

Any cool ideas you have I would love to hear.


FBCondos 9th February 2010 03:27 AM

Sales promotions are only done to introduce products or services and to also add sales volume for the business. You should make those products unique and start up a business of your own or a line of business that doesn't have anything to do with sales promo.

DBeavers 10th February 2010 02:40 AM

I have to disagree with you FB.

I started my promotional advertising sales business (home-based) over 25 years ago. Then I went full-time in the business in Jul '87, nearly 23 years ago.

This has provided most or all of my family's income for those 22+ years, and promotional advertising is all I do.

And the products are used for hundreds of different uses. A short list will include:

Branding -

- Employee uniforms - shirts, caps, jackets
- Hand out items that carry the logo for that 24/7 exposure to your client or prospect - and not limited to new company or product introduction. Calendars are very effective and relatively inexpensive, when you consider the number of times they are used by the client in a year's time.

Employee incentives/rewards

- Safety awards for achieving set goals, such as perfect attendance at all safety meetings, completing required safety training, as well as group and indifidual attainment of zero accidents
- Recognition for achievement - meeting company sales goals as well as other non-sales targets, i.e. new cutomers/new account acquisition, meeting a set goal for renewals, and just about any other goal the employer may set.

- Corporate jewelry can range from a quality lapel pin to a 14Kt gold ring, tie tack or scarf pin to recognize achievement or longevity

Trade show handouts - Sometimes distributed in order to attract others to their booth for that "Must Have" item.

Pre-Trade show mailings - Including a promotional item sent with an invitation to targeted clients and/or prospects. One interesting idea is to mail everyone a playinig card (Imprinted with the company name/logo of course), inviting the recipient to stop by Booth # _ _ _ to get the rest of the deck. It only takes two decks to mail out invites to 104 individuals. Or mailing out a one glove to every target client (Send half left and half right gloves) and have them stop by to receive the mate.

Premium - Receive a premium item with a set purchase (either one time or cumulative). Naturally, the premium carries the company imprint - for more impact as well as long term exposure.

Indoor billboards - Can be targeted to home or business. A calendar on the wall or coffee mug on the desk is a continual reminder of the giver.

Customer retention - Depending on the industry or retail product niche, converting a prospect to a client can cost 5 to 12 times as much as the cost to retain a customer. So, when you consider the long-term or life-time value of a client, you can see the benefit of a nicer gift to the more valuable client. Maybe even an "A" gift to the Top 10%, "B" item to the next 15 to 35%, and possibly even a "C" gift to the remaining clients they don't want to llosse to a competitor.

I have a longer list in my office, but I am posting this while on my monthly overnight sales trip out-of-state. And yes, I am giving out ink pens, magnetic phone indexes, scratch pads, and even shrimp peelers to my clients and prospects today and tomorrow.

Dennis Bevers

heidi33 14th March 2010 11:08 AM

Tough times like this makes companies more creative to reach potential clients and leave a great impact on them hence; caps, hats and other embroidered polo shirts and custom materials gives a good promotion since these things are easily seen by many. Just always make sure that you have a great logo that speaks loudly of your products and services.

alex.chediak 20th April 2010 02:27 AM

Really, these Promotional items can be a silent salesperson for your products or services and wonders within short time

Innergetic 22nd April 2010 09:49 PM

wow shrimp peelers and water bottles...I must say I do appreciate the posts from the people who blessed us with some insight. I think I have an idea of how to do my next campaign thanks :)

DBeavers 9th May 2010 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by Innergetic (Post 116909)
wow shrimp peelers and water bottles...I must say I do appreciate the posts from the people who blessed us with some insight. I think I have an idea of how to do my next campaign thanks :)


The shrimp peelers have been an excellent item for me - based on the Gulf coast, with extra large shrimp available several months out of the year. I've probably given out close to 10K in the past decade, resulting in my orders. My biggest success with these is a credit union that initially ordered 2500, and has re-ordered 3 or 4 times - 1000 each time.

My latest success is with the 3 gallon Stainless Steel and plastic Bubba Kegs. I've sold 5 orders of these in past week - 12 to 30 at a time for just $14.99 :thumbsup2 (compared to the factory list price of $48. 60 and their special of $16.99 -

These retail at $25 to $38 when you can find them in stores or online, so the $14.99 price is motivating businesses to jump on this deal immediately.

In the current economic times, I find buyers often need a little more motivation to buy - unique products and great savings, along with some "WOW" factors can be the difference between selling and sitting around with little or no business.


mktgbiz 10th May 2010 06:57 AM

One bit of advertising trivia I read somewhere........Did you know a pen has an average of 7 different owners?
Can't remember where I read it.

The inseen magic of custom printed promotional products is the emotional connection. If you send a prospect or customer a custom printed mag-lite that's going to create a "warm and fuzzy" feeling toward you. That emotional association has generated many orders for many businesses.

DBeavers 10th May 2010 09:47 AM

I think it was PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) who commissioned a study. They surveyed travelers passing through Chicago's O'Hare airport. Of those who responded, 60% of traveler's who carried one or more promotional products remembered the individual or company who gave it to them.

That spells impact.

And you don't get that kind of cost per impression with typical mass media. The continual exposure to your company name/message associated with a useful product they carry or keep in their office/home helps build that front-of-brain awareness that marketers are seeking.


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