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eoleary 22nd January 2009 10:49 AM

Choosing Software For Finances, CRM, Project Management And Customer Service
Our company is an educational assessment software provider. We sell academic assessment software to clients (schools) that is an annual site license cost (based on number of student users).

We are scaling quickly and need to streamline our processes and generally keep better track of our finances and activities.

Specifically, we are looking for a software application(s) for:
- Financial tracking (time and expenses, budgeting, integration with Quickbooks)
- CRM and Sales Tools (tracking sales activities, marketing initiatives, integrated with a contact database)
- Project Management (planning and allocating resources for projects, including project budgets and department budgets, as integrated with the financial tracking component described above)
- Customer service (tracking customer service calls/emails and transfer to appropriate staff, i.e. business dept for invoices and proposals, tech dept for tech support needs, etc.)

Any great software you would recommend or recommend staying away from?

We have been exploring Autotask if anyone has had experience to share about their experience with that company.

We will need a hands-on implementation to ensure the system is customized to meet all of our needs.

Thanks so much for any insight you have to share!

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