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ultranet 8th January 2007 03:12 AM

How Will SEO Change In 2007?
Hello to all SEOs

Well, another year has passed, and it is getting much harder to get a new site ranked quickly. And more and more, there are complicated issues like "trust rank" that we can't even measure. How do you see SEO work will change in 2007?

suggestions, thoughts??


Old Welsh Guy 8th January 2007 05:27 AM

SEO will not change, but peoples understanding of it will get better. SEO has not changed as long as I can remember it really. The search engines still want clean sites, with sensible navigation and folder structures and focused content on the pages with links pointing to and from relevant pages. Same old same old really :D

transburgh 8th January 2007 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Old Welsh Guy (Post 34721)
SEO will not change, but peoples understanding of it will get better. SEO has not changed as long as I can remember it really. The search engines still want clean sites, with sensible navigation and folder structures and focused content on the pages with links pointing to and from relevant pages. Same old same old really :D

Agreed. It really depends on what changes to their formulas the SE's do.

Old Welsh Guy 9th January 2007 07:53 AM

I have never suffered as a result of changes to the algo. on the contrary the more the algos change the better the sites I have a hand in perform. If you are algo chasing then you will constantly bee algo chasing. The only change I have made to my methods really have been to get more links for dumbo Google's algo.

LSI is coming in more, but as all the copy I use is written naturally the semantics is not an issue. As the incoming AND outbound links are on topic, any change to include LSI can only help these sites. the same with TSPR (topic sensitive pagerank), Local rank (not local search but an algo that checks how many sites within a set locality in your sepr's link to you) all of these things will only help a site that is handled properly climb higher.

Block level link analysis is another element we can expect to see carry more weight, (it is almost impossible to have spammy links carried in the middle of your copy and keep credibility). BLLA will change the way some people handle linking, this is one of the reasons wikis do so well, because their links are on topic and within the body copy.

Shall I go on? ;)

transburgh 9th January 2007 09:57 AM

I have been hit mildly by the algo changes. I do know of some that have been hit hard. It is not about chasing the algo's as making the necessary changes after they have been used.

Old Welsh Guy 9th January 2007 11:18 AM

But making the necessary changes after an algo change means reverse engineering the algo to see what happened. If you are doing that this is exactly what algo chasing means :(

If the site is built with everything in mild, if you are building sites with knowledge of future technologies, with a complete understanding of where the search engines are going GENERICALLY, then you are not chasing the algo after an update, you are MILES ahead of the game.

E.G. people are talking now about LSI, being implimented into the algo. and many are changing their content accordingly. WHY? this should be part of your long term SEO planning. Now people are crisis managing their web marketing SEO element and that is time wasted.

transburgh 9th January 2007 11:56 PM

What is LSI?

Old Welsh Guy 10th January 2007 04:31 AM

latent semantic indexing. It is the understanding of words with more than one meaning, applying the correct meaning in order to understand what text is about. I will try to explain it, but please bear with my lack of vocabulary :(.

Read each word then think what the page might be about










As the list went on, based on the words I used, you worked out that the tiger was 'Tiger Woods' and not some stripey beastie. A lot of those words were generic words like 'club, green, grass' but when they all come together, green means a section of the golf course rather than a colour, club would be weighted towards being a sports impliment rather than something you hit a person with, and handicap means a sytem of evening out a contest rather than a disability.

In its simplest form that is LSI at work.

Now links from pages about leisure wear, and golf carts become relevant links, while links from Stevos pet mart become less relevant. This is because the search engine understands what the pages are about and can compare semantic relevance it ensures that themed sites gain the most benefit from their links.

Step it on and add Trustrank, and it will be an easy move to negate the value of off topic links from trusted pages This reduces the temptation for webmasters to hack .gov sites etc it prevents them listening to the voices that say 'come to the dark side Luke' :D

Semantics is also what has allowed google to deliver targeted AdSense to pages. They acquired the technology a few years ago when they bought a company called Applied semantics ( SEO's knew then that semantics would eventually come to play a big part in the Google algo.

QwkSand 11th January 2007 02:21 PM

I think SEO will become more competitve and getting higher rankings will depend more on hardwork and cleverness... I don't know about LSI (this is the first I've heard of it), but some tactics in SEO are losing its effectiveness because almost everyone's doing it and you need to be more innovative in making your site stand out.

Old Welsh Guy 11th January 2007 04:41 PM

LSI isn't an SEO tactic :( Honestly you have to change your mindset because if you don't then you are going to be algo chasing for the rest of your days.

I have a website, I built it in 1999, it went into the rankings at #2 out of 33,000. Now it is #1 out of 13 million. I have done nothing to the site other than update the images as and when they were outdated (I can't give the niche away). This is a simple 15 page site and the content has not changed, apart from updating the odd item when the information became out dated, but I am talking a few words per thousand changing. The site attracts backlinks like crazy because the information is good. it naturally uses all the synonyms and LSI related words, it has links in the right paleces, it links to authority sites (of which it is now one). AND it earns a lot.

My point is that if the site is built properly you do not have to worry about the latest 'whats hot n whats not' of algorithms. Take the nose from the grindstone and look up, because there MIGHT be a chainsaw saleman in front of you, but you can't see him as you're too busy sharpenning the axe! ;)

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