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Linda 11th January 2007 04:17 PM

How To Overcome All Your Fears Of Selling
Some help with the fear of selling.

"With respect to each of your "perspective fears", it is your perspective (or viewpoint) that is giving you these fears. Change your viewpoint, change your perspective, and you will reduce or even eliminate your fear. To overcome your "perspective fears", the process is to simply change your perspective to one that empowers you rather than one that makes you fearful and holds you back."

Catch it @

Okay salespeople, what do you want to add to this?

Old Welsh Guy 11th January 2007 04:32 PM

This is simple, in fact it is a no brainer really :)

If you believe in your product, and you think that your client NOT buying from you will harm their business, then it is your DUTY to fight for what is best for your client! If you fail to convince them to buy then you have let THEM down, not yourself.

Many weak salespeople leave a client in the lurch by not closing the deal. They awake a need in the client for the product or service they build the desire for the product, yet fail to take the necessary action to do what is right for the client. The client YOUR CLIENT, will then go to another company where he will get an inferior product, the same product but at a higher price, or an inferior product!

AND IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT. ------ Think about that for a second because if you believe in your product then the statement is true. If you do NOT believe in it, then get a different product to sell, because product belief is everything.

Once you believe in your product, and believe that your client will be worse off for not buying from YOU, you WILL close more deals, it is as simple as that.

When you believe in a product you become passionate.

If I was paying you to sell $10 notes for $9 how many would you sell?

WHY would you sell that many?

so if you sold a product to a client that would earn him $10 for every $9 he spent you SHOULD sell the same amount right?

Get your mindset right, and do what is best for your customer. Prospect better, present better, sell more, earn more, get more referrals. and you will have become a professional salesperson.

Your Brand 11th January 2007 06:26 PM

Forget everything your parents taught you about not talking to strangers, don't ask so many questions, don't talk $, etc.

Stop selling and build relationships. Your passion, trust and value will help your prospect close for you. I think it was said, but get to no quickly - I add to have a huge pipe of targeted prospects so no does not feel so bad.

Cratima 12th January 2007 09:09 AM

The fear of selling only comes from being afraid to speak in public.

Thx4yrtym 12th January 2007 10:47 AM

Old Welsh Guy,

Absolutely totally agree!

If more business owners understood this they would be so much better off.

I've found it interesting how so many business people are actually repulsed by the notion that they are a salesman. They actually despise the term.

I have always thought of the process as helping people buy instead of selling something. Selling suggests pushing and no one likes to be pushed. Helping them buy on the other hand is leading. It's a teaching process. As you said , make the customer understand how and why they will benefit from your product AND eliminate all of their fears.

The customer's fears are just as important as the sales person's .

Eliminate their fears and help them understand the benefits ( how your product solves a problem for them ) and the result is logically a sale.

Nicolette 13th January 2007 06:27 AM

As the article states, selling is all about perspective. In reality, we're all selling something. Our clothes, cars, book choices, restaurant reviews all communicate something about "you." And the #1 product someone buys is "you." How you approach your Unique Selling Proposition is as varied as there are people on the planet.

If you think of selling as just talking with a dose of enthusiasm and curiousity then you're not really selling. You're having a conversation. So if what you're really saying is that you're afraid to talk to people, then you would probably benefit from reading the classic, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Because your fear isn't really about selling.

Gosia 17th January 2007 07:58 AM

Are you affreid of selling or are you affreid of failure!I think this is your problem-if your product is good do not be scared to present it to the others.Remember that if they donīt want to buy it doesnīt mean there is something wrong with it. Maybe they just do not need it now!

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