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St.Bernard 15th January 2007 12:10 PM

Dog Walking
Hello :imnew1:
I am wanting to start my own professional dog walking service in my area. I would also offer other services like daily grooming and would also schedule in home dog washing. I would like any help on this as possible. I have an idea, but how can I get input from my area on my services before starting up? Would any of you out like to have this service available to you if you had a dog and if so how much would you be willing to spend on it?

I look forward to advise!!

Robert 15th January 2007 03:26 PM


...would also schedule in home dog washing.
Would you take the dog to the bathroom and wash it in the bathtub? If so, would you clean out the tub afterward? Also, would you dry off the dog and clip the nails?

St.Bernard 15th January 2007 03:36 PM

I would take them out and for a walk around their neighborhood, unless they would like to have their dog be a part of a group play time which would be at my home. I would do daily grooming on the dog if taken for a walk, wipe off and clean paws before going into home and daily brushing. If they wanted to schedule a bath for the pup I would bathe them at their home. If the dog has long fur like my Saint, I would brush and dry them (which would all cost extra). I wouldn't want a wet dog left at my home and wouldn't do that to someone else. If I were to bathe a dog I would also offer nail trimming and ear cleaing. Of course I would clean the bathtub (or sink-depending on size of dog) after giving them a bath. I certainly would want to leave dog fur all over. I am a neat freak and hate a dirty house. Obviously depending on the time spent and size of the dog would determine the cost. But I thought it would be nice for people that don't have the time to worry about dropping their dog off somewhere all day and having to pick them up after they get out of work. This way I would be the one doing the work for a reasonable cost. We have a doggie day care where I live, and that does really well but is more expensive and doesn't offer the the grooming.

Linda 15th January 2007 05:13 PM

Welcome to the forum! :wave2:

I think you have a great idea for a business. Anything doing with pets is a plus these days. One less thing for people to have to hassle with by having someone else clean them up and make sure they get their exercise and socialization. I love animals and anything to make their life better and their owners is awesome. Do you have any dog training experience to add to your services. Good luck with that and let us know how it is going.

Robert 15th January 2007 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by St.Bernard (Post 35379)
Of course I would clean the bathtub (or sink-depending on size of dog) after giving them a bath. I certainly would want to leave dog fur all over.

That would be an awesome service. I believe we pay $25 when we drop our dogs off to be groomed. That includes a bath, trim the nails and ear cleaning. I'd certainly pay more if you came to me. Plus, hiring you to take the dog for a walk first would be a natural extra sale.

I think you are on to something. :thumbsup2

jaairey 15th January 2007 09:01 PM

Have you thought about also feeding and walking dogs while owners are gone. I know several people, who when they are gone, prefer to leave their dogs at home. The "sitter" comes in several times a day to feed, play with, walk the dogs and check on things. Going rate for this, here, seems to be $35+. (The owners have to provide the name of a person who will make veterinary decisions if there is a problem and they cannot be contacted) Also I have seen dogs walked as a group, where they do not need to be leashed. They wear each other out. Each dog wears an orange "coat" with large letters and numbers with the name (advertising!) and phone number of the walker. The walker can immediately identify which dogs are theirs and if they do separate from the pack are readily returned.

Crimson Fox 15th January 2007 09:17 PM

If you could become a reseller for dog products you might be able to make quite a bit extra on top of the other services. Whether it be dog food, toys, collars etc.

carlar9 16th January 2007 05:24 AM

Sounds like a good idea to me. You will have to look into what protection you might need to offer since you will be going into other people's homes. I am not sure what is needed but they need to know that you have that so that they don't have to worry about it. Maybe someone out there will know what it is called.

St.Bernard 16th January 2007 07:29 AM

Thanks!! To respond to some other questions or topics mentioned.
~Yes I will offer pet sitting! I know that we always have a friend come and actually house sit when we go away for a week. (Since we have one huge dog and two cats that love people and hate to be left home alone.) We actaully take the dog almost everywhere we go, unless we fly.
~I am going to start a website, for advertising and starting my services. I will start offering products once I get things go. Gradually offering more. (Which I will offer cat products too, since cats are great pets too. I'd be lost with out my two.)
~About training. I have no professional training with animals. I have read a lot of books. I have a two year old St. Bernard who I still work on something new with him every week. He is a smart boy. I have always had a dog, every since I was a very small child. I have been training and teaching my dogs tricks every since I can remember. I always used to teach horses tricks. I have never been without animals, even though I used to live in the city in a dowtown apartment. I am actaully going to get some professional training on grooming within the next month or two.
~In the state of Michigan you do not have to be certified for most stuff when dealing with dogs. (Grooming and training.) I do plan on being insured, since i will be going into other's homes.

EgGcRaCker 16th January 2007 02:36 PM

hi.welcome to the forum!

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